Mentoring and Mindful Leadership


Mentoring and Mindful Leadership

As a leadership competency, mindfulness promotes enhanced self-awareness and increased resilience; these qualities combining to deepen integrity. A mindful leader is centred and grounded, even in a demanding, action orientated role.

Our mindful leadership training will complement and add value to your leadership development programs and wider leadership development experiences.

Who is it for?

Our mindful leadership training has been specifically designed for leaders in Australia and New Zealand working and leading in complex and uncertain environments.

This training will help you to:

Experience the benefits of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, leadership presence, authenticity, resilience and wellbeing.
Increase clarity, confidence, and the ability to respond with compassion to yourself and others.
Be skilled and competent in practising and applying mindfulness at work, to maintain focus and stay present.
Topic covered:

  • Understanding the key principles of mindfulness, and learning to participate in mindful presence
  • Definition of mindfulness and its application in leadership and organisational life
  • Practising mindfulness exercises to build self-awareness
  • Utilising the precision and stability of present-moment attention to navigate leadership
  • Moving from automatic pilot to conscious responsiveness
  • Developing compassion to enable greater openness and synergy
  • Implementing mindful leadership skills in the working environment
  • The art of sustained mindfulness
  • Deep listening to precipitate new perspectives and insights
  • Using mindful inquiry to face into real and relevant questions from your leadership practice through generative conversational exercises

Companies And Organisations We Have Worked With

James Cook University
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Queenland Police Service
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A selection of client feedback for Mindfulness Works For Organisations

Jon (MWFO) provided two Mindfulness sessions to some of our staff, as part of QLD Mental Health Week. These sessions received unanimously positive feedback. We are keen to get Jon back to provide mindfulness training to our Peer Support Officers in the near future. Jon was the consummate professional with a great sense of humour and unfaltering calmness – it was clear that he really practises what he preaches when he was able to improvise without a hitch when our technology wouldn’t allow him to use his laptop/PowerPoint. Thank you again Jon for your time, knowledge and expertise.

Pip Walker, Psychologist/Senior Human Services Officer

Queensland Police Service

I have engaged Jon Unal (MWFO) on a number of occasions to facilitate mindfulness sessions in a corporate environment. Our teams have always enjoyed the sessions and have benefited both personally and professionally. Jon has successfully tailored his sessions with the audience in mind. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone looking to bring mindfulness into the workplace.

Elizabeth Tully

HR Business Partner, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

Jon (MWFO) delivered a combined presentation and workshop for our Bachelors and Masters students as part of a subject. The presentation fitted right into the topic with an extensive insight into mindfulness. After his presentation the classroom dynamics changed. Students become more focused, more sensitive to discussion topics and more compassionate with each other while interacting in classroom activities. Jon’s presentation was incredibly informative and entertaining with easy-to-digest yet thought-provoking material. He is really engaging with different age groups and finds the voice with people from all different ethnic backgrounds. Mindfulness is a missing concept in education. It should be taught and practiced on a daily basis by students and teaching professionals. Looking forward to Jon’s next seminar!

Eszter Kiss, Lecturer and Coordinator - Leading to Work Program

 James Cook University

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand strongly endorses mindfulness as a useful way to improve positive mental health and resilience. We recommend Stephen Archer (MWFO) as an experienced mindfulness practitioner.

Hugh Norriss, Director of Policy & Development

 Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

We have used the services of Stephen Archer (MWFO) to help us to develop our Wellness Programme and Policy at Air New Zealand Cargo. During the period of programme development and in conducting training of our workforce, I have found Stephen Archer to be knowledgeable and professional in his approach to the subject of wellness and workplace stress. Stephen has presented to two target audiences, namely half day sessions for managers and 90 minute sessions for shop floor employees, both of which have been well received.

Rick Knight, Cargo Occupational Safety & Health Advisor

Air New Zealand

Stephen (MWFO) is a terrific teacher – insightful, patient and inspiring. I truly believe that the practice of mindfulness is completely relevant in a work setting – busy people in the workplace, especially those charged with leading teams or solving thorny problems (and that would be all of us!) need to find a way to bring the signal to noise ratio into balance. Mindfulness helps mightily with this, and will encourage you to bring a sense of ease into your interactions with people and in the way you seek solutions or insight.

Amy White

State Services Commission